• Highest availability, at the lowest total cost of ownership

    The 93PR UPS sets new standards, with an operating level of up to 96.5% in double conversion mode resulting in significant savings in operational costs. High efficiency even when UPS load levels are low, optimized by Variable Module Management System (VMMS). Maximal power and energy density ensures a compact footprint.

    Easy management

    - Wide range of connectivity options (Web/SNMP, Modbus/Jbus, relay contacts).
    - Intelligent Power® software integrates with leading virtualization management systems for monitoring and managing.
    - The intuitive touchscreen LCD user interface and visual data logging provides clear information on the UPS status.

    • UPS output power rating : 25-75 kVA/kW
    • Efficiency in Energy Saver System >99%
    • Nominal voltage rating: 220/380, 230/400, 240/415 V
    • Battery type : VRLA Eaton Lithium Pack
    • Permitted load power factor: 0.8 legging ~ 0.8 leading