• PJU Solar Power is a LED Solar Street Lighting, which has 30W, 40W, 60W power. With a very high light efficacy system (reaching> 160 lumens per watt). Uses a Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery pack in an IP54 battery box with a marine grade powder coating finish, which is rust resistant, compact and strong. Lithium Phosphate Lithium batteries withstand temperatures up to 600C with an operating age of 5 6 years. Suitable for areas not yet reached by the PLN electricity network, with a pole height of 7-9 M Application: Highway, Residential Road, Parking Area, Industrial Area, Pedestrian, Rural Road, etc.

    • Wing-like frame design.

      Reduce wind stress and improves the durability of the product It is tested and approved for stroms of 160 km/h wind force

    • Adjustable bracket design

      Adopt upto 120 beam angle adjustment meet the requirements of different geographic location.

    • Unique innovative drawer function design


    • Easy access drawer with key allows fast replacement of battery and controller.
    • Modular lamp design

      IP65 nd fast connection Lm80 high brightness cree light

    • Intelligent design

      Motion sensor / time schedule / internet control protection for over current, over voltage

    • Powerful battery design

      Class A lithium ion battery cells unique charging / discharging depth protection temperature regulation system