• HARMONI is local IoT product that give perfect solution for remote site monitoring with great result. To day HARMONI have rich feature that can make operation more effective, on time, reduce operational budget. Be side that HARMONI make customer easily to extend the system just by adding more sensor with wireless feature.

    This product use high-performance components make the product have good robustness in hardware, and design by local experienced engineers make the software have good robustness too. HARMONI have backup power to make this product still running in couple minute to log data more detail. HARMONI monitoring all performance of power system, network system and environment system condition.

  • • DC Power Monitoring

    • AC Power Monitoring

    • SPV Monitoring

    • Generator Monitoring

    • Router function

    • WiFi AP for services or sensors

    • Backbone Monitor

    • Internet Monitor

    • Temp/Humidity

    • Fire & Smoke Detector

    • Grounding Cut

    • Airconditioning & Exhaust

    • Flooding

    • Ligthning