• Designed for modular growth and service evolution, HiMAX.V3 Base Station operates in licensed and license-exempt bands under virtually any wireless conditions. HiMAX.V3 Base Station gives providers versatile platform for maximizing WiMAX revenue opportunities. HiMAX.V3 Base Station hardware is incorporating the latest advances in reliability, availability, and serviceability for carrier-grade, high-speed telecommunications. Ultimately, the system allows carriers to maximize return on their investment in spectrum and infrastructure costs by expanding capacity and coverage while maintaining ease of deployment and management. This versatile, space-saving solution allows operators to offer a broad range of voice, data, and multimedia services, while driving down the operational and capital outlays required to scale the network.

  • Base Station Features

    • WiMAX Compliant Standard Based Compatibility provides long term security for carrier infrastructure investment
    • NLOS Operation, flexible deployment options allows high coverage even within densely populated areas
    • SOHO/Residential Network Gateway, delivers Voice and Data.
    • QoS : UGS, RTPS, NRTPS, BE
    • Comply 802.16

    Subscriber Station Features

    • WiMAX, IEEE 802.16 design
    • Communications o Ethernet 10/100 Mbps
    • ProfM3_PMP MAC system profile o 3.3 GHz RF interface o 3.5 MHz & 7 MHz bandwidths o TDD duplexing modes
    • Meets WiMAX spectral mask and EVM requirements
    • Up to 22 Mbps data throughput
    • Adaptive Modulation o QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM Ver.3
    • Fixed and Nomadic